Monday, August 3, 2009

Girls Girls Girls

We've got two new house mates for two weeks only. "The Blast" as we've taken to calling ourselves is having it's first band gathering. On Another note the Birds are parting but as we will not be preening in the same humble nest we will be bringing new future creations.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No Somoking

Lady's and Gentleman we have a birthday on our hands. The glorious Whitney of enamored is turning a year older and therefore a year more glamorous. Please join us in sending her birthday wishes. This fact also explains the last song choice o' ye ole mixed tape. Enjoy and as always Flock the world.

No Somoking,

The Birds

Track List:
Beyond the Wizards Sleeve- The bears are coming remix
Discovery- I want you back
Wolf& Cub-Seven Sevens (Dept. Remix)
Wavves- Mickey Mouse
Discovery- Osaka Loop Line
Beyond the wizards sleeve- Findlay Brown remix
Ted & Francis- I love you Whitney (gloves remix)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Flashlight Volcano

A photo montage re-cap of the haps over the last few weeks. There is so much to cover and so little space in cyber-land to handle all the fun. In the fine words of Bob Dylan "...the sun's not yellow it's chicken".

We are spacer women,

The Birds

Monday, July 20, 2009

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Photo Credit: Patrick Von Lloyd ( Juan Pablo)
Styling Credits: Patrick Von Lloyd's incredible "other" closet.

Check Brie Bird for Eskuche on Kanye West's blog...

So, It's been a while and we respect all feelings you have toward us. But, in this highly chromatic aviary we like to think "friends before benefits" and "snogs before blogs". Please direct all hate/love mail, in regards to this absence, to But, if all you want are some tunes to help you get through the week...well here you go.

All you need is love bah ba da ba da ,

The Birds

Track list:
Party Boys -Foxy
Good Friends- Pierce
This Mess-Serge Santiago-( Wolf & Cub re-mix)
Misfit- Bumblebeez
One to the Other (bbz remix)- Wolf& cub
Butterfingers ft Fugiya Miyagi- Bomb the Bass
Hai Samurai- Yellow Power- (Pilooski Edit)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Flyday oh heyyy

Photo Credit-Rony
Mixed tape #8 is great. Seen as there were less downloads on the last mix we decided to only do contemporary music again. The people have spoken, here are some new/quirky jams .Enjoy.

The Birds
Is Tropical- Seasick Mutiny
Micachu- Golden Phone
Golden Silvers- Arrows and Eros(The Shoes Re-mix)
Canyons- Bismark remix Bang Gang 12
Comet Gain- love without lies
Libatiq- Another Saturday Night
The Invisible- "London Girl" (Hot Chip re-mix)
Yukihiro Takahashi- The Words
Pilooski- please_reverse

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fly Magic Flock Groove Machine

Girl Gang- Photo Cred- Jason Lee Parry.

"Baby YOU can do it take YOUR time do it right YOU can do it baby... do it all night!" This is the suggested motto while learning the extra special new flocking dance craze. We suggest pretending you've just slipped on a banana and wiggle like a noodle bubbling away in hot water. This dance is hence forth know as the 'Banoodle'. Please try your new Banoodle dance steps to these tunes below.

Track List:
(With times so you can fast forward ala "Real" mixed tapes)
Up Around the Bend 2:42 Creedence Clearwater Revival
Baba 0'Riley 5:08 The Who
Puttin on the Ritz 3:25 Taco
Lunatics Have Taken Over the Assylum 3:15 Fun Boy Three
The Purple Bottle 6:48 Animal Collective
Jump In the Line 3:39 Harry Belafonte
More, More, More 3:43 Andrea True Connection
Cuba 3:51 Gibson Brothers
Magic And Ecstasy 3:05 Ennio Morricone
Dogs On Trial Dirty Cruising Edit 7:51 Krikor and The Dead Hillbillies

P.S. We don't normally post stuff like this. But this guy is doing some pretty punk-rock cloths for men. A little nod to Aitor perhaps?
Aitor Throup
David Lindwall