Monday, April 27, 2009

Adventures in and Around the Town

These are the heat enduring day activities that so rarely get seen. There are some projects to be made verrry soon and we needed to gather the goods around the biggest craft mall there is, Los Angeles. We ventured to the little knittery in Atwater village so crocheting can begin, then to the Hollywood Fancy Feather Co. to obtain only the most beautiful natural and dyed ostrich feathers. Our travels also found us at kinkos where peculiar signage was displayed and finally to Yang Chow in Chinatown to enjoy the ever elusive and delicious slippery shrimp!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


As the sun grows high and the days grow longer so does friendly love in hectometer strings of consonance and dissonance beauty. Thus, we find ourselves at Coachella. When the chaotic lives of our east coast compatriots combine with the west coast quiescent of life in California the madness begins. Glad to have a motley crew of relentless audiofiles in tow Brie and I headed out to Palm Springs for yet another epic year of love, joy, music and mayhem. Without further ado and with absolute appreciation for Rony, Glen, Anthem, Eskuche, Stylesightings, Posso and all of our various other homies we would like to present a few breif interludes into the magic that is COACHELLA ELLA ELLA EH EH EH EH....BESOS AND LOVE- Katie and Brie.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fly like paper...

Anthem magazine kicked off Coachella weekend Wednesday with a light-tastic, disco frenzy at Medusa. With Brie and Andy(Eskuche) in stylish tow we bopped out bodies to these Belgian Beats (Aeroplane).

nomatopoeia brain wave sounds gooooooo- ZZZ ZZZZ BZZZZ ZZZ ZZZ BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ecoutez ascolti слушайте hören Sie ESKUCHE

eskuché (es•koo•chay) is a lifestyle . . . a cultured initiative formed by inspired individuals to channel the act of “LISTEN” for an evolutionary culture, passionate about and influenced by music, art, fashion, design, and life. An obsessive-compulsive-frequency.

jack coleman photogeniusing 

listen.... to music, to change, to culture, to yourself.

One of our best friends of the male persuasion, the always stylishly on point Andy, recently launched his own headphones line eskuché, streaming to urban outfitters and stores near you soon. He asked our assistance in styling a shoot for the headphones and above is the fantastic madness that was created using everything in our closets, katie's makeup case, and jack coleman's photography skills. brava. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

spring has sprung!

katie wears vintage pink pants, faryl child neoprene jacket, antoine dom tank, american rag sandals

brie wears vintage Escada silk blazer, green suede belt and silk scrap scarf

we went to meet some friends out at Marmont for no real reason other than celebrating the new season, friends and unworn worthy garments needing attention...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

mink bows and lanvin

Help! I have a terrible sweet tooth which includes: cotton candy , skittles, mink bows and platforms....

snapped by rony

wearing: peach vintage romper via katie's closet, striped bodysuit from bev hills hosiery, and lanvin platform sandals

ciao! - brie