Monday, July 20, 2009

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Photo Credit: Patrick Von Lloyd ( Juan Pablo)
Styling Credits: Patrick Von Lloyd's incredible "other" closet.

Check Brie Bird for Eskuche on Kanye West's blog...

So, It's been a while and we respect all feelings you have toward us. But, in this highly chromatic aviary we like to think "friends before benefits" and "snogs before blogs". Please direct all hate/love mail, in regards to this absence, to But, if all you want are some tunes to help you get through the week...well here you go.

All you need is love bah ba da ba da ,

The Birds

Track list:
Party Boys -Foxy
Good Friends- Pierce
This Mess-Serge Santiago-( Wolf & Cub re-mix)
Misfit- Bumblebeez
One to the Other (bbz remix)- Wolf& cub
Butterfingers ft Fugiya Miyagi- Bomb the Bass
Hai Samurai- Yellow Power- (Pilooski Edit)

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