Monday, June 29, 2009

HEYYYYYYYYYYY.....Put some cloths on.'s just about high 5's and thumbs up dancing at this point. All that sexy stuff is out the window today. Smiles are the sexiest thing a person can own. Here's hoping we give you the Pam Anderson of grins this afternoon.

Eat light,
The Birds
Track List:
Main Street Electrical Parade - Disney
I've Forgotten My Fagotto - Fantastic Plastic Machine
Two Doors Down-Mystery Jets- (Pilooski Re-mix)
Shiny Disco Balls - Who da Funk featuring Jessica Eve
Les grands sentiments humains - Michel Polnareff
Dekinal-Yura Yura Teikoku- (DFA remix)
You're my eyes- Jarvis Cocker -(Pilooski Edit)
Here are some video's to enjoy if you happen to hate the mixed tapes! :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

NYlon spied on VOL com FLOCK on

monkey business


michael + eugene


* photos courtesy patrick <3>

Pour un flirt avec toi!

In hopes of providing a palate cleanser for a long weekend of what will most likely be electro/ house with some techno smattered on top( electric daisy carnival), we'd like to provide you avec swanky French jams we birds like to play when we're are in the mood to smile, have a glass of wine and dance around in our socks (wood floor, spinning...ya get it)
The Birds

Track list:
Sylvie Vartan- Si Je Chant (Live)
Serge Gainsbourg et Brigitte -Bonnie and Clyde
Sylvie Vartan- La Belle pour aller danser
Serge & Charlotte Gainsbourg - Lemon incest
France Gall-Laisse tomber les filles
Philippe Lavil- Avec Les Filles Je Ne Sais Pas
Jane Birkin- Lolita go home
Claude Francois- Cette Annee La
Anna Karina- Roller Girl
Jean Pierre Mader- Macumba

Monday, June 22, 2009


* Photo credit Rony
HAPPY MONDAYSSSSSS! Edition 3 of our weekly mixed tapes. This one is a bit shorter but we like to think sweet things come in 35 min packages.
Track List:
1.) Tape Tape Tape- Jeanne-Marie Sens
2.) Reach Up (instrumental)- Tony Lee
3.) Caribbean Queen (No More Love On the Run)- Billy Ocean
4.) Keep I goin' Louder- Lazer (Diplo Mix)
5.) Polly- Koko Von Napoo( Chateau Marmont re-mix)
6.) God Will Break It All- Krikor and The Dead Hillbillies
7.) Seasick Steve- One True- The Subs Re-mix

Danse a l'amusement,

The Birds

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

* The Force Field * The Un-Dead * The Creation *


Please Allow 5 business days from time of purchase for shipment of garment. Our weeee little talons can only make so much magic happen. More styles to come from FLOCK.

The Birds

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This is what intergalactic revenge looks like

As a little project we little chickys are going to try and make mixed tapes a few times a week. Because you all can't be with us we are going to bring ourselves to you. This is what we are listening to today while we are sewing. Happy Funday.



Track List:
You Move Me- Gino Soccio
The Summer Sun- Chris Stamey (with alex chilton)
Summer Fun- The Barracudas
Spacer Woman-Charlie
Space Girls- Toni Basil
S&M (Sexy Music)- DeDe
Sleepyhead (wallpaper dio remix) -Passion Pit
Overgroomed- Soiree
Mary Jane Feat. Mr Evil & Mapei-Major Lazer-
Jib Kidder- Aga Aga ( Hiromichi mix)
Jacques Derrida- Scritti Politti
Weird Pains- Invisible Conga People
Fade To Grey- Synth├ętiseur
Crystle Fighters- Xantic Truth- Rannaissance man remix Bite
Bite The Apple- Rainbow Team
Your Friends-Bearbot

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Summer edition of The Birds- Good Old Fashioned Flockin'( mixed tape) Listen, enjoy, make love, dance, hug, sing, hit the off button, turn up the sound knob, let your head bob, tap your tootsies, bump, grind, twist, kiss, sweat, shake, rattle, roll, get happy, pop this on and let it turn you on while you sun. Happy summer.

Flock you,

The Birds