Thursday, April 23, 2009

ecoutez ascolti слушайте hören Sie ESKUCHE

eskuché (es•koo•chay) is a lifestyle . . . a cultured initiative formed by inspired individuals to channel the act of “LISTEN” for an evolutionary culture, passionate about and influenced by music, art, fashion, design, and life. An obsessive-compulsive-frequency.

jack coleman photogeniusing 

listen.... to music, to change, to culture, to yourself.

One of our best friends of the male persuasion, the always stylishly on point Andy, recently launched his own headphones line eskuché, streaming to urban outfitters and stores near you soon. He asked our assistance in styling a shoot for the headphones and above is the fantastic madness that was created using everything in our closets, katie's makeup case, and jack coleman's photography skills. brava. 

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