Sunday, June 14, 2009

This is what intergalactic revenge looks like

As a little project we little chickys are going to try and make mixed tapes a few times a week. Because you all can't be with us we are going to bring ourselves to you. This is what we are listening to today while we are sewing. Happy Funday.



Track List:
You Move Me- Gino Soccio
The Summer Sun- Chris Stamey (with alex chilton)
Summer Fun- The Barracudas
Spacer Woman-Charlie
Space Girls- Toni Basil
S&M (Sexy Music)- DeDe
Sleepyhead (wallpaper dio remix) -Passion Pit
Overgroomed- Soiree
Mary Jane Feat. Mr Evil & Mapei-Major Lazer-
Jib Kidder- Aga Aga ( Hiromichi mix)
Jacques Derrida- Scritti Politti
Weird Pains- Invisible Conga People
Fade To Grey- Synth├ętiseur
Crystle Fighters- Xantic Truth- Rannaissance man remix Bite
Bite The Apple- Rainbow Team
Your Friends-Bearbot

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