Friday, June 26, 2009

Pour un flirt avec toi!

In hopes of providing a palate cleanser for a long weekend of what will most likely be electro/ house with some techno smattered on top( electric daisy carnival), we'd like to provide you avec swanky French jams we birds like to play when we're are in the mood to smile, have a glass of wine and dance around in our socks (wood floor, spinning...ya get it)
The Birds

Track list:
Sylvie Vartan- Si Je Chant (Live)
Serge Gainsbourg et Brigitte -Bonnie and Clyde
Sylvie Vartan- La Belle pour aller danser
Serge & Charlotte Gainsbourg - Lemon incest
France Gall-Laisse tomber les filles
Philippe Lavil- Avec Les Filles Je Ne Sais Pas
Jane Birkin- Lolita go home
Claude Francois- Cette Annee La
Anna Karina- Roller Girl
Jean Pierre Mader- Macumba

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