Friday, May 15, 2009

ein, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, zehn

Working up an appetite after a weird day of wig shopping we decided to flock off to a new adventure. We've been hearing amazing things, non-stop since it's opening, about a little downtown sausage eatery for the last 6months . Wurstkuche was everything the mouth watering rumors suggested and more. With choices like bacon and duck or rattle snake and rabbit sausages (which Whitney braved) how can you go wrong. Oh Oh Oh... for anyone else who is a condiment freak out there the options are endless...we decided to go for the pesto, BBQ, honey mustard and curry ketchup.

After filling our bellies with big beers and spruced up German delights we dilly dallied on over to a tattoo parlor that our good buddy Casino suggested and got Katie her long awaited and much anticipated 10 inch tattoo ( Height to ride requirement jokes commenced).

As night fell and fatigue set in we gleefully roamed upstairs to our neighbors house (Dasha and Kevin) for some dirty martini's and dirty jokes as a quick picker upper. At the same time Vanessa our beautiful Posso shows up to Chez Flock with Justin Miller and our new super dope homies from LCD Soundsystem (ummmmm).

Keeping in true bird form we suggested after a failed party attempt to have everyone for drinks, fun and rabblerousing at our place. OHHH THE MADNESS, DANCING, LAUGHING and 4:30 am salads.

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