Sunday, May 3, 2009

A street car named Kevin

Shiver me Hipster!

Yes, we lick each others donuts. People have questioned for a long time and now here is the proof!!!!!!

Exceeding expectations by leaps and bounds of what neighbors should be we were more than happy to join our neighbor Kevin, his brother Kyle (both screen writers and musicians) and Kevin's super hot wife Dasha (actress...see her soon in Zombieland) for Kevin's 26th B-day. Dasha being like a crack pixie ( in the way that we can't get enough of this charming Russian beauty) and Kevin being cooler than a Mudslide at Dave and Busters we rolled up to a Pirate themed bar in K-town where we were served mini donuts and tons of hugs. CHEERS and YARRRRRR, KEV!

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