Monday, May 4, 2009

Lovely Nitta Meter Maid

We went from the grocery store where Cory Nitta, DJ du jour, ran around like a bear with a bee in it's ass, to Chez Posso where the cacophony of goods Cory bought at the store became a symphony of tasty delights, to the pool where we lounged while being seranaded by Mr.Nitta's latest mixes. COOL pretty much all we have to say.

After leaving the pool and running home for a quick rinse we stopped by pub quiz at Malo run by Chris Holms and Har Mar. Unfortuantly for the "Cool Dicks"(us) it was senior citizen night as the questions being asked pre-dated all of our births (... possibly our parents) lending to our score of 3 out of a possible 30.

Note to our followers-"Cool Dick" has now been mentioned 4 times. It's because we think Cory's got one. Kisses and hugs.
The Birds

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